Glad you are here, I know you have questions so

Let’s  answer some.

How did I get here?

You either were asked by me and I sent you here, found a business card

with this address, one of my customers gave you this URL, or just stumbled here by accident.

Why am I here?

If you need a web presence and can’t afford a ton of $$$$,

that’s where we come in.

Most people don’t need a site that has lots of bells and

whistles, lots of ad’s, lots of flash, and

eCommerce. They want a presence that tells people

who they are, pictures of what

they have done and how to get in touch with them.

Today most customers understand the web and don’t want

a bunch of gobble goop, just the facts.

     we can do that

As you probably figured out I build websites for individuals and

small businesses. I try not to speak (or type) using fancy

words or lots of letters that you don’t

understand and don’t care a hoot about. 

  This is the process I use

First of all, I  listen, then we begin to develop a plan, listen again,

begin putting that plan in to action, listen again, and pretty

soon you have a presence on the world

wide web. There are tons of things happening on the net, some are

important to you, some are not, that’s why I listen carefully and

explain in plain English (after much conversation)  what I feel you

need, what are your costs and what direction we should head.


Give me a call and lets get started.

Thanks for stopping by:

Your web design gang